About us

Based in Minnesota, Branzoe Retail Outlet started back in 2020 by accident when an online selling experiment proved to be highly successful. As we began to realize the large demand for discounted retail items we continued to grow. 

Today we are based in Eden Prairie, MN continually working to provide a wider assortment of products for customer to promote retail sustainability while saving you money. 

We strive to provide quality surplus deals and discounts on name brand items bringing you ultimate savings. New items added weekly.
Branzoe Retail Outlet

What customers are saying

Stephanie D Knowles
in the last week

Wasn't sure about this place. Now I realize it's too legit to quit (shopping here)

Linda g
a week ago

Linda Smith
2 weeks ago

I had a great experience there. Great product, price and awesome customer service. I would recommend it.

Jordan Emerson
2 weeks ago